XTB Review – The Highest Rated FX & CFD Broker of 2018

Reward: Cashback
  • Licence:
  • FCA
  • 522157
Accepted Payment Methods: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Skrill, PayPal, Wire Transfer and more
Min. Deposit: £250
Broker Rating:
  • Reward: 4.0
  • Platform: 4.0
  • Mobile: 4.0
  • Live: 4.0
Overall Score: 4.00/5
Featured Platforms:
  • xStation 5 and MT4
Broker Info
  • Company: XTB Limited
  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 2036953086
  • Email: uksales@xtb.com

When looking for a good Forex broker to work with, one name that might come up is XTB. XTB Online Trading has been a respected name in the industry for many years. Their progressive, varied trading platform makes it a fine choice for many people across Europe. It is a very popular platform specifically in the United Kingdom and across Polish traders.

How good, though, is XTB? If you are looking for a platform to try out, is it the one for you?


Listed as part of the well-respected Warsaw Stock Exchange, XTB has a proven service history. It is a listed company so you can feel more comfortable using it, as it is far less opaque than some of the options that you would find out there. With regular disclosure of its financials, too, there is no reason to doubt or discredit this site. It is fully regulated and authorized by the likes of the FCA, so you can feel pretty safe using this website.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

When your sign-up, you will get access to some very impressive offers and promotions. These change regularly, though, but tend to be quite useful – especially for those who are just starting out and lack experience. They can be very useful in terms of making use of the promotions, too, so you can feel pretty good using this platform for bonuses and promotions.

Opening an account is a piece of cake, too, which is always very important. You can sign-up with this platform and get registered in no time at all. Now, you can quickly start putting together our portfolio in a timely manner as your account should be open within one single working day.


As mentioned above, this is a site which is fully regulated. Many other brokers tend to give you a pretty easy time working out if you are using a site that can be trusted. XTB is no different. It is a regulated platform that passes the strict and stringent regulation of the FCA, so you can trust that this is a platform that does its best by its users.

Platforms Provided

When you use XTB, you will be pleased to know that you can pick from either xStation 5 or Metatrader 4. These are two of the most respected names in the industry, and thus should give you plenty of confidence in the platform. It will help you to feel like you are making some good progress, and this should also be useful for more veteran platform users. Since most of the top Forex traders make use of these two platforms, newbies and veterans alike can feel comfortable using this system.

This should make it all a bit easier for you in general when you are trying to pick a trader to use. The fact that they use these two respected platforms should pretty easily and quickly speed up the entire process for you in terms of learning how to use XTB.


The level of support and assistance provided is amazing. It is probably one of the best platforms in the industry for this, actually. They give you access to a demo account to learn on, which not enough platforms do any longer. It is easy to understand, too, giving you simple and easy access to more or less everything that you need to know.

They have various high-quality videos to pick from, but also some great trading platform videos in particular. These will help you to get used to the trading platform, and also to help you get to grips with the wider industry. If you find the terminology of trading a bit complex and are still getting used to it, then you can get a lot of help thanks to the educational tools on offer here. In terms of making your trading life easier, XTB lives up to expectation.


While the support standard is very high on this platform, we do have some reservations. For example, it is well-known that you tend to have to get through a bit of a sales repertoire if you want to get help. They will often push new products onto you and try to put you in the direction where you will spend more. Often the solution provided is simply to try out and make you spend a bit more when you use their service.

Naturally, we want to avoid wasting valuable money. The support standards, though, are pretty good once you get beyond their sales pitch. You can get a lot of useful help and information, and they do make it quite easy for you to solve problems with your account without wasting too much time.

So long as you are firm to the sales pitch, you should have no problems getting help with XTB.

Withdrawals and Deposits

When you look at their various payment systems, you have a lot to pick from. While we are disappointed at their high prices for electronic wallets, we are less put off by their quality speed of transaction management. Funding and withdrawals rarely, if ever, take longer than 3 days. This allows for you to get rapid help with the money that you wish to put in.

It also allows for you to get quick assistance with the withdrawal and deposit system, as it’s so user-friendly. As such, you should be very much unlikely to fall into this particular trap here. Some sites can leave you with a lot of waiting around to get access to the money that you are due or have put in. With XTB, you can enjoy rather than endure the process, with simpler, smarter set-up and easier management of your account and the money that you put in.


Overall? It would be hard to be too critical of XTB Forex broker. It is a good starting place, but veterans will also find a lot to like here. If they could dial back on the sales heavy approach of their customer support, this would be easily among the best platforms to try out.