Author: Dominic Owens | Last updated: June 2024

Get to Know the Best Forex Trading Strategies that Work

FX StrategiesFor anyone looking to utilize the world of foreign exchange, or Forex, it can feel quite tough. It’s a rather complicated subject and many can find it hard to buy into or trust. While the idea of trading cash for cash might seem odd, some people make very lucrative lifestyles off of FX alone and for that reason you should take all the time that you need to look further into Forex strategies.

Strategies are used to help make sure you can feel as confident and as confident as possible investing your cash into a foreign currency exchange. However, knowing where to invest your cash can be tough.

For that reason, some of the blow FX strategies can be used to help take you a step closer to where you want to be and make it much easier for you to make the most of your strategies moving forward. In a bid to help you make the right call, then, let’s take a look at the major Forex strategies on the market today.

Why Do They Matter?

  • For one, Forex is not for beginners. If you start trying to trade currencies without a clear idea of what you are doing, then you are asking for trouble. Forex strategies need to be utilized in a manner that is going to help you see genuine progress – and they can be the starting point a beginner needs to feel confident in the system.
  • At the same time, though, Forex trading strategies matter as they offer a blueprint. Such a unique and challenging subject can be very hard to grasp alone. This allows you to fill in those points very quickly and make sure you are moving towards a more open way of thinking about FX. Without a strategy, you can retain a very closed-off thought process that is likely to make it harder not easier, for you to succeed.
  • Strategies also give you an idea of what to do when things go wrong. Without a strategy you can succeed but when things go wrong you’ll lack the ideas of invention of what to do to get around that problem. For that reason, a strategy can help you to get out of failure as much as reach success.

Each of these have been commonly used for some time, and can make a major difference to the kind of success you’ll get with the best Forex brokers in the UK. So, what’s the top Forex strategies?

Overview of the Different Types

  • The London Hammer. Comically named and even more efficient, the London Hammer Forex trading strategy is among the best of its kind. A very effective and strong system, this gives you access to a system that works to help offer you a more volatile system. Quite unique in how it works, we recommend this is left for more advance and experienced users but it is still a very productive strategy. It’s great to use when it looks like a price is going to skyrocket in one way while dropping from a position of strength on the other currency at the same time. Hard to predict, hugely powerful when it happens.
  • Pop and Stop. A very popular system, the Pop and Stop Forex strategy is all about making sure you can chase prices with greater success. It’s a system that is all about catching a price when it’s about to hit a major positive so that you can then watch for it to either keep improving as part of the breakout, or not. if you can time it right, then this strategy can allow you to wildly profit from this concoction of situations that all occur at once, meaning you can step in and really bolster your trade success.
  • Bolly Band Bounce. The first system many people learn, though, is the rather odd but effective Bolly Band Bounce model. This is a very powerful marketing system and works well in a ranging market. It’s not always used by traders for just trading but it also works as a useful form of confirming signals that have shown up on their indicators. For that reason, many people utilize it as a scout if you intend to work within Bollinger Bands. It’s all about person choice, but a very good pick for those starting out in the Bollinger Band market.
  • Dual Stachastic. A rather odd name, this is a system that makes use of two different stochastics – a slow, and a fast – to help give you the best chance possible of legitimate success when the time comes. It’s a very popular form of Forex trading and is a strategy we recommend that you look into closer. You use this to find areas where prices are in the middle of trending but have become overextended via short-term retracements, meaning that you can step in and follow it as it returns to the continuation of the trend that led it to this stage.
  • Bladerunner. The Bladerunner is one of the most popular strategies around, and is known for being a good solid cross-over strategy. A good recommended starting point for many people, the Bladerunner offers a system that you can easily fall in love with and make the most of if you are willing to put the time in. It works across just about every timeframe, and tends to work with just about any legitimate currency pairing. Great for spotting breakouts in continuations, and is a very useful strategy for breaking the ice and making your first successful forays into the world of Forex.


Using any of the above can make it so much easier for you to begin to make a genuine breakthrough at the top end of the FX market. Not only is it very hard to get into without a solid strategy, it also makes it much harder for you to be a success generally.

As we discussed, there’s a lot of effort that has to go into planning for a Forex strategy; so, what can you do to reach the level that you aspire to? Utilize any of the above ideas for probable success.

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