Author: Dominic Owens | Last updated: July 2024

A Detailed Vantage FX Review for UK and Other Traders

Reward: 50%
  • Licence:
  • FCA
  • 590299
  • Licence:
  • ASIC
  • 428901
  • Licence:
  • CIMA
  • 1383491
Accepted Payment Methods: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Wire and more
Min. Deposit: $200
Broker Rating:
  • Reward: 4.8
  • Platform: 4.6
  • Mobile: 4.7
  • Live: 4.7
Overall Score: 4.70/5
Featured Platforms:
  • Vantage FX App, Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Webtrader
Broker Info
  • Company: Vantage Global Prime LLP
  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarters: Cayman Islands
  • Phone: +44 207 100 8625
  • Email:

When you want to get involved with foreign exchange (Forex) you have a lot of factors to take into consideration. For example, many people today want to get involved but don’t know what Forex broker to start working with. Given the sheer variety of names on the market today, it can be tough to choose. One particular name that is gaining a lot of traction among users, though, is Vantage FX.

So, if Vantage FX worth taking another look at?

Trade now with the Award Winning CFD Broker Vantage FX!

Company History

It really does come down to trust in the Forex niche, and Australian-based experts Vantage FX are easy to trust. Why? Because they have been around for a long time now, founded in 2009 and managed by some of the most respected authorities in the industry. It’s for this reason that we highly recommend that you read the rest of our review.

While some other factors about VantageFX might put you off or give you pause for concern, there is nothing to worry about with regards to legitimacy or anything of the sort. This is a safe, professional Forex broker system.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

When you open up an account with Vantage FX, you can get access to some pretty nifty bonus offers. For example, one of the main bonuses that you can get is a 10% Forex rebate when you sign up. You also will get a 50% deposit offer that you can use when you first sign up.

It’s these headline offers, paired with the numerous bonuses and promotions given out over the year, that makes Vantage FX one of the more hospitable and charitable names in the industry. They offer a good range of promotions that you should definitely focus on, making them a worthwhile long-term companion.


A big part of any good broker today is their reputation and this is built on who regulates them. Well, you will be happy to know that the regulator who manages Vantage FX is the Cayman Islands Money Authority. They are also regulated domestically by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This is why you should absolutely take a look at the regulations of any broker – who is regulating them is as important as the existence of regulation at all.

So, make sure that you only use Forex brokers, like VantageFX, that come with regulation from at least one major body.

Platforms Provided

The platforms provided always matter, too, and you will be happy to know that you get access to MetaTrader. MetaTrader is probably the most common name on the scene, meaning that you should have no problems using it if you are a veteran. Even beginners, though, will find that this particular trading model is exactly what you have been looking for – it’s easy, simple, and rather safe to work with.

However, one thing that we don’t like is the fact that Vantage FX does not have any kind of price alerts. Nor does it come with two-step logins, which is quite common in the industry now – almost expect, in fact.

Education Tools

Anyone getting into Forex, especially if this is your debut into the niche, wants to have a good education and a grounding of what actually matters. In a bid to help you, then, you will be pleased to know that Vantage FX packages in a host of useful educational tools to help you grow as a trader.

While the loss of any kind of webinars is a bit of a blow for those who are looking for an easy way to learn, the sheer variety otherwise makes up for it. Indeed, you will get access to a litany of different educational videos, a demo account, and even a full tutorial of the trading platform that Vantage FX comes with.

This should give you all of the help that you need to start making intelligent calls and getting to grips with the overall challenges that you will face along the way. It can be a good learning tool as Vantage FX manages to pack in useful detail, even for veterans, into their videos.

While some might find it a touch confusing at first, the videos and supporting content helps to make sense of a confusing industry.

Customer Support

When something goes wrong, you want to know that you have support waiting to help you out and find the solution to the issue. With that in mind, we recommend that you try out Vantage FX and their awesome customer support. E-mail support is fast and responsive, but you can find that the actual quality of e-mail support is hit and miss.

Phone support and live chat support is typically far more onpoint and rapid to get you a solution, though. Keep that in mind if you find that one of your main gripes when it comes to using a Forex broker is the quality of the support and advice that is being provided along the way.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The sheer variety of withdrawal and deposit options is very useful, too. You will be happy to know that you won’t pay any fees for deposits, and the typical times for withdrawing money and depositing money is quite small. They tend to make sure that funds are in the bank nice and fast, while you don’t get charged a fee for transfers.

However, using international banks more than once per month will draw a high withdrawal fee, often as high as €20. That is something to keep in mind. In terms of options, though, you can use debit/credit cads and can take your money out in one of 9 major currencies, including AUD, EUR, GBP, and USD.


Overall, you have quite a lot to like when you use Vantage FX. While those who are more used to customer support via e-mail might feel it frustrating, and the lack of other trading platforms can grate, it is a solid starting point for sure.

As a place to learn about Forex and get to grip with the entire industry, you should have no problems in learning and benefiting from this broker. Overall, it is the owner of a well-earned reputation.