Author: Dominic Owens | Last updated: June 2024

How to Choose the Best CFD Forex Trading Brokers in the UK?

The world of foreign exchange (Forex) trading can be an awkward, challenging place to be. Many people don’t fully grasp the challenges that it provides, and for that reason it can be quite tough to fully appreciate the role that it plays in your day-to-day life. For anyone who is interested in a Forex career or would like to try out brokerage, though, many opportunities exist that you can use to help make your chances of success a whole lot better. Before you can do that, though, you have to understand the various forms of brokers – starting with CFD Forex brokers.

While CFD trading and Forex trading are different things, the level of similarities means that most people band them in together; and with good reason. They both involve a similar method of execution, and they both involve you spending a lot of time entering and exiting markets when they start to rise/fall according to your needs. For that reason, it’s easy to mistake CFD Forex brokers as just being the same as ‘good old normal’ Forex. That, though, would be incorrect and isn’t anywhere near close to being the truth when it comes to FX trading.

The fact both run on the same platform might leave you wondering what the difference actually is. That being said, though, trades are both only going to cost you the actual spread, whereas other forms of trading tend to be quite different in that they charge you extra commission and various other little fees to push your price up through the roof.

Forex is a bit nicer to you, as are CFD FX brokers. So, with this in mind, what is the main difference between a CFD broker and a ‘normal’ one and why do you need to pay attention to this?

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*Trading CFDs carries considerable risk of capital loss.

How Does it Work?

The main difference with a CFD broker is that they are using different forms of contracts. Rather than the rigid set of contracts used in normal Forex, CFD brokerage firms look to use a diverse set of markets, meaning that they move outside of just using foreign exchange currency. They also trade in things like metals, energy and other different forms of trading. If you would like to stick to only currency trading then you caFX but many CFD FX brokers make it easy for you to work across a few different lucrative fields.

Therefore, when you start trading CFDs you can find a variety of options waiting for you in terms of the contracts that you can pick from. This changes the incremental value you are working with and even the type of currency used, meaning that if you are investing in metals in one country it could be totally different investing in the same metals from a different nation.

CFD FX BrokersFor that reason, it’s vital that you can find a FX trader that you feel comfortable working with. While Forex sees you merely competing one currency against one another and seeing where it goes, CFD is far less uniform and thus it allows for more unique strategies and opportunities for taking things in a different path.

It is for this reason that so many people spend their time looking at various CFD Forex brokers, unsure of what parameters they need to pay attention to. We recommend that you take the time to appreciate that a CFD broker tends to be more specific in market influence, whereas normal Forex can be more abstract. As such, it’s easy to see why you failed or why you succeeded when using CFD rather than the more volatile FX alone.

Finding Quality – Is it that Easy?

So, to help you find the best CFD Forex broker we recommend that you look to invest the time following and looking at these. These are some pretty major deciding factors that will determine if who you are working with can be trusted.

  • Experience. How long have they been on the market for? A good CFD Forex broker is someone who can be trusted to deliver thanks to past record. You always want to be on a brokerage with experience, too, because it means you know they aren’t going to vanish during the night!
  • Quality. Quality always matters, so look at how others have found using that particular brokerage. What did people think of their options? The value? The support? Take the time to dig into their general practices and you should feel far more comfortable choosing who to work with later in time.
  • FX Regulation. Are they regulated? If not, avoid. You should almost certainly only work with regulation firms that put in the effort to make sure they can be safe to work with. If you feel like they are cutting corners or lack authenticity, then don’t work with them – it’s that simple.
  • Variety. As a CFD Forex broker they should have lots of options for you to pick from. If you take a look and find that it’s not got any kind of real value or that the selection is not great, you should definitely look to go somewhere else instead.
  • Consistency. Have a look at their record – what do people think of them? Are they consistent with the ideas they suggest? Is the brokerage a firm that can be seen as trustworthy, or should you perhaps consider why their record can feel a touch sketchy and inconsistent with the available facts?


All of this should make it a bit easier for you to find someone that you can trust to make your Forex work using CFD instead a little easier. While not always easy and definitely something that is going to challenge you, it can be a change if you find FX to be uninspiring or dull. Take the time to make the right call and you might just start to see major progress and change to the way that you work.

The opportunities exist out there: you just need to be ready to push for them and push yourself, too!