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  • Licence:
  • CySEC
  • 092/08
  • Licence:
  • FSCA
  • 43906
Accepted Payment Methods: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Wire Transfer and more
Min. Deposit: $100
Broker Rating:
  • Reward: 1.0
  • Platform: 1.0
  • Mobile: 1.0
  • Live: 1.0
Overall Score: 1.00/5
Featured Platforms:
  • Own and MT4
Broker Info
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  • Founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: Cyprus
  • Phone: +44 20 3150 0380
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For many people, one of the most challenging aspects of managing in the forex industry is finding a good place to learn about the various challenges involves. Forex is a tough venue to get into at first, and it’s very important that you make the right choice of Forex broker. The right broker can be the difference between having a good time or seeing your time on the markets turn into a failure overnight.

In our bid to help you get the right kind of assistance, we recommend that you take a look at Markets is one of the largest brokers in the industry and often play a major role in helping you enjoy yourself.

For that reason, our review should help you to decide if they are the right choice.


Set up by the proven experts over at Safecap Investments Limited, is a proven Forex broker with a rich history in this unique industry. Fully regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, you would have to look quite far to find a Forex broker with a greater history and reputation in the industry as a whole.

So long as you aren’t from Japan, America, Australia, Canada or Belgium, you should have no problem setting up an account with Since 2008, this company has been running in the background of the industry and has helped to create a very enjoyable, reliable experience.

Offering the opportunity to get involved with Forex as well as ETF, indices and CFD alongside normal stocks, they offer a wider range of investment opportunities than many markets would give you the chance. As a wider part of the Playtech group, everything runs on a very impressive and reliable system that makes it easy for you to use.

Offers and Deals

Like any good Forex market, you get a wide range of awesome deals to pick from. So long as you have $100 or more as your initial deposit, you can get set up relatively quickly with an account. You can also try out a demo account to get to grips with the system and make sure you can get a handle of how this site works and the general systems that it has to offer.

With over 50 currency pairs to pick from, too, and with the chance to spread without commission, you can enjoy a very diverse Forex experience that very much differs from the norm in the industry. Add in the chance for up to 1:30 leverage, and you can find that using makes it easy for you to build up a very impressive portfolio.

Security & Regulation

Of course, regulation is very strict on – part of what makes it such a popular place to start with when you are looking for top quality market regulation. Thanks to the help of their regulation, you can feel even more comfortable spending time on this particular market for your own ends.

You can check out their full regulation and legal package by reading over this page. Everything is regulated by both Cyprus Securities and Exchange as well as by the Financial Services Board in South Africa. This should make it easy for you to feel at ease using their system; they have ample opportunity for you to enjoy a whole host of useful features, all regulated by trusted sources.

Platforms UK Forex AwardsThanks to their top quality WebTrader, you can get access to one of the easiest to use marketing platforms on the web. It’s a very impressive and easy to use trading platform; the kind that makes analysis nice and simple. Thanks to the advanced charting package, you can enjoy a much more specific and inviting experience; the kind that can really enhance your overall market analysis to the level you need to make accurate and intelligent calls.

The platform also comes with some very impressive features not found on other trading platforms. For example, it gives you a unique service known as trading cubes; this allows for you to view multiple instruments simultaneously. This is very useful for helping to make the trading process a touch faster, improve analytical engagement and make sure that beginners can feel a little more at ease using this particular platform.

The real-time news feeds make it easy for you to keep track of just about every major development taking place on the markets at this moment in time. That makes analysis so much simpler.

Add in their easy mobile trading on both Apple and Android devices, and you can see why so many choose to turn to this very easy to use platform. It’s diverse, easy to use on the go and very much the quality and consistency levels that you would expect here.

Education & Support

Market education and support is a tough aspect of Forex, and you can find many good learning videos to help you get into the Forex industry without too much issue. This helps you to become more secure in the lesson that you pick up, and should help to vastly improve the overall quality of your education. With great training modules and a very friendly support team, you can get help with everything that you could possibly find off-putting about engaging with a Forex program in a very short space of time.

Also, deposits and withdrawals are safe, secure and very fast. You can get more info based on your own specific account’ ability without much effort, too. Just message support or use the various chat functions open, and you can easily get all of the information that you need about using properly.


Overall, helps to remove much of the struggle involved in getting into the Forex industry. With so much to think about and to take on, you can find that they make a good starting point.

With a large chunk of the challenge involved in this industry to do with understanding, this helps to remove such issues and keep you learning at a rate you can feel comfortable with, both today and tomorrow!